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Brandon Lebel

Audio Portfolio

Brandon is a post-sound mixer, editor, and designer for film, television, podcasts, and broadcast at Emerson College.


His interest with sound began when he was eleven years old after picking up a guitar for the first time (thanks to Guitar Hero: World Tour). He fell in love with music and later sought to explore the realm of film composing. 

Around the time Brandon began his college career at Emerson, he was introduced to film sound. He became enthralled by our subconscious connection with audio, and dove into how we can use it to help better convey our thoughts and emotions. 

With an enthusiastic drive to learn and connect with new people, Brandon hopes to always continue telling stories with sound.  

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On the Horizon

God's Country

Sound Designer/Sound Mixer

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Floor 13

Sound Designer/Sound Mixer

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Repeat After Me

Podcast Sound Designer

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"A lone drifter stumbles onto secluded farmland, only to find that he's not welcome."

"Professor Barry Marshall seeks to educate his students in a series of lectures that delve into the surreal and the obscurity of human nature."

  • Layer and process sound effects to help create tone, atmosphere, and action onscreen. 

  • Clean up production audio using EQ and de-noise plugins. 

  • Balance levels and mix stems together to create a tense, chaotic, contrasting, but controlled final mix. 

  • Create, layer, and process a variety of sound effects and risers to assist in narrative storytelling. 


  • Mix with EQ, reverb, compression, and panning to create an even and compelling soundscape. 

  • Collaborate with the assistant Sound Designer/Mixer and multiple video editors to ensure assets are delivered and deadlines are met. 

Pro Tools

Adobe Audition

Logic Pro

Izotope RX

Avid S6

"A kindergarten teacher endures the stress of the classroom and the realities that come with it, all while 

grappling with her own sanity."

  • Layer and edit sound effects to establish setting and reinforce audio storytelling. 

  • Create risers and impacts to invoke the feeling of dread, tension, and insanity. 

  • Communicate with the composer to ensure sound effects were synced and balanced with the musical score. 

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