Here, you will find the most recent audio projects I have worked on, ranging from podcasts, testimonials, and instillations. Enjoy! 

The Arcane States Podcast


The show where we explore the strange stories and chilling mysteries from each of the fifty U.S. states. New episodes every other Tuesday at 11pm.

Each episode will revolve around a different U.S. state, and highlight a frightening tale or encounter that took place there. Topics will include ghosts, unexplained events, historical figures, cryptids, UFO's, and all things horror!

You can check out the show on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Simplecast, and Spotify

The Arcane States (Cover).jpg

Hot Seat
Sound Mixer

A moviegoer's decision to sit in someone else's reserved seat results in deadly consequences.

The Unremembered Pt. II

Sound Designer/Sound Mixer

Audio for an upcoming art instillation, The Unremembered Pt. II, a piece that highlghts and commemorates the roles of Indian soldiers who fought with the British in World War II. 

Directed by Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, the audio will play over a showcase of archival footage depicting the soldiers who fought, and will be projected through 3-D laser engraved crystal sculptures of additional photographs. 

The instillation will premiere in September at the Newport Art Museum in Rhode Island. You can listen to the accompanying audio below. 

The Unremembered Pt II
00:00 / 07:15

New England Public Media Listener/Sponsorship Testimonials

Sound Editor/Sound Mixer

Spoken word testimonials from interviews for NEPM's pledge drives. These were created during my Spring 2021 interenship with GBH. It was my responsibility to find the story within each interview, use my discretion to pick the most engaging moments, and mix each spot to NEPM and GBH standards. 

Below are three of the many testimonials I created, two listener and one sponsorship testimonial. 

NEPM Jeanie Listener Testimonial
00:00 / 00:37
NEPM Nora Listener Testimonial
00:00 / 00:37
NEPM The Dirty Truth Restaurant Sponsorship Testimonial
00:00 / 00:30